A letter to a leaver who is writing the usual ideas

The first point is that it is not in fact axiomatic that an Independent Scotland will be part of the EU. There is a difference between objecting to being taken out of the EU against the wish of the majority of the people who voted 62% to stay. In the same way that it is the will of the English and Welsh people to leave the EU it is the will of the Scottish people that they don’t.
The Scottish government has put forward a number of possible ways in which there could be different arrangements for Scotland in a BREXIT world than for a BREXIT rUK.
It is quite clear that the Westminster government has no concern for the very deep questions which are being asked in Scotland about the treatment of the relationship. The fine words of September 2014 have moved on to the reality in 2017.
Your recycling of Leave propaganda doesn’t do anything for you as you simply don’t understand the arguments for an independent Scotland. The EU does not affect Scottish domestic policy in the way that the UK does. The EU is a club, the UK is a structure in which we are immersed and with which the relationship has changed – for the worse since the 1970s which is nothing to do with oil, but everything with the relationship of Scotland with a lost empire UK.

If you read the writings of, for example, Yanis Varoufakis, you would be aware that there are a lot of people in the EU who while believing in the EU as an institution, are still highly critical of it. Yes the EU needs reformed. The problem is that in the same way as my old Communist (Moscow) friends were against the EEC as their masters didn’t want to see a strong united Europe, so the associated forces of the Right like Trump and Putin wish to see the Block which is Europe destroyed or at least reduced.

It boils down to whether you are a European or an Atlanticist. I am a European. Having said that when the people of an Independent Scotland go to the polls for the Great Referenda Day, when the Constitution of the Newly Independent Scotland is approved by the people, including whether it will be a Republic or a Monarchy, one of the votes will be whether we with to remain in the EU (assuming that we become independent before the UK leaves the EU) or whether we wish to join in the event of Independence not being until after the UK leaves the EU.
The necessity for this is that rather than the English view that Sovereignty lies with the Crown in Parliament, in Scotland the Sovereignty lies in the People. Thus it is the Parliament is strictly limited in what it can get the Scottish People into.
So in fact what you are writing about the `EU is flogging a dead horse. It may give comfort to you as a leaver pulling the tattered remains of the leave blanket around you, but in this discussion it is absolutely irrelevant.
I would like to thank you as I have had to write this rely and I’ll write it up into a Blog and I was going to have to say something on this one any way.